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Next Step provides college consulting to high school students to meet individual needs. Our services are designed to help you successfully navigate the oftentimes overwhelming process of choosing and applying to colleges. With extensive experience in high schools, higher education, career development, and counseling, Next Step brings a unique perspective to the process. Contact us to learn more about our services and to determine which best fits your needs.

College Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Consultation services provide information and advice about the college search and application process. These sessions are purchased per 1-hour blocks and are tailored to the student's individual needs and budget during the college research and/or application process. Services can begin as early as the freshman year of high school by developing a curriculum path through high school and formulating steps the student can take to develop a strong resume to achieve their future academic and career goals. Other students may prefer to begin consultation in the junior year by researching colleges and building the college list, while students who are more knowledgable and independently motivated may prefer to use sessions for essay critiques. Below are some topics that have helped past clients plan their consultation services.

Freshman/Sophomore Year Sessions

-  Planning the progression of classes the student will take to meet the academic profile and major requirements for the colleges they aspire to attend

-  Brainstorming a course of action to help students narrow down and identify their career aspirations

-  Identifying the type of activities, extracurriculars, internship/research opportunities, summer enrichment, and volunteer work that will build a strong resume and target their future career interests

-  Planning college visits to identify the ideal campus culture and fit for the student

-  Pinpointing potential career paths and college majors according to the student's personality, values, interests, and strengths

Junior Year Sessions

-  Any of the above sessions as needed

-  Researching colleges, determining good fit colleges based on financial aid/scholarships, campus needs, return on investment, and career goals; ensuring the college list is a good balance between match, reach, and financial safety schools

-  Developing a strong and comprehensive expanded resume for college applications

-  Creating an application timeline and plan of action for writing the college essays and brainstorming topics that will best portray the student's strengths, talents, and interests

-  Formulating an SAT/ACT test submission or test-optional strategy for each college application

Senior Year Sessions

-  Any of the above sessions as needed

-  Application and essay reviews

-  Financial aid applications and verification requirements

-  Setting up and monitoring student's college portals

-  Comparing financial aid packages and making a college choice

First-Generation College Student Sessions

    The first-generation college student has unique needs and concerns in applying to colleges. They often need more guidance in applying to college and the cost of attending college can be a significant barrier to achieving their goals. Because of this, Next Step wants to ensure that first-generation and/or students who have financial concerns about paying for college have access to affordable college counseling services. We are able to offer virtual group sessions on the college application process at significant savings to the student. A primary focus of these sessions will be on building a college list that will best funds the student's financial needs.

Career Assessment Package - $295.00

Includes administration and interpretation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory. The results are discussed in relation to potential best fit majors and careers based on personality type, interests, and values. This package includes the cost of assessments, a printed report for the student to take with them, and an interpretation session with the student. If needed, purchasing additional sessions often focuses on the following areas:

-  Narrow down majors of interest and identify colleges offering related programs

-  Identify ways to gain experience in fields of interest to clarify goals and build a college resume

-  Research career paths of interest and related college majors

-  Strategize on how to get the most out of your high school experience

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